Welcome to AHA !

Welcome to Future e-Classroom, Paperless Hospital and Paperless Bank !

Being E-Learning and U-Learning age, the booming trend is that the Interactive Whiteboard and
Multimedia Digital Podium is rapidly expanding to classrooms and lecture rooms, utilizing interactive Touch/Tablet screen and LCD Monirors. Hospitals and Banks are also changing into paperless adopting touch/tablet LCD Display.

Since foundation in 1999, we have been focusing on pen input device development and providing education system integration in Korean market, where the demand for advanced solution in the classroom environment
is rapidly increasing. Competitive industrial environment in IT & Display field in this market helped reinforce
our core competency.

After successful development of LCD Tablet Monitors with electromegnatic technology,we designed a
state-of-the art Multimedia Digital Podium, MAESTRO, which became the most favorate e-Learning main
system in new classrooms/lecture rooms in domestic and world market.

Based on our successful accomplishment, we are devoting sincere energy into the development of future
product and solutions in the advanced interactive display, paperless banking/hospital solucitons and
ubiquitous interactive display terminals.

We are proud of our current partners in the global market. Our efforts will never slow down as we share
the most precious ideal in this field of business !

Yours Sincerely,

Gi-Do Koo / President