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LCD Table Monitor - Cybos Gold
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The LCD Tablet Monitor is an educational system that enables the user to display what is written on the monitor with and electronic pen.
LCD Tablet Monitor supports various writing functions as well as saving both images and voices.

LCD Tablet Monitor
Main Features

LCD Tablet Monitor uses a high-resolution LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)panel and fourth-generation based electronically induced digitizer technology.

The lecture is automatically recorded into a video file format(WMV) and can be posted on a homepage or LCMS, so that students can learn over the Internet from anywhere and at anytime.

The support of various writings on the blackboard functions needed for classes enable the delivery of lectures free of constraints with writing that is precise and clear, just like using an actual pen.

  1. 1. Application of pen input device allows free handwriting.
  2. 2. USB interface and support for plug&play.
  3. 3. Power saving monitor using low power
       (35w or lower) with power saving mode.
  4. 4. High pressure level(1024 Levels).
  5. 5. Supports maximum resolution of 1280x1024 @ 75Hz.
  6. 6. Supports OS : Win98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7, 17.1 Linux and Mac.

LCD Tablet Monitor Accessory

LCD Table Monitor
Applied Technology

LCD - Digitizer : Active Pen
- Electromagnetic technology
- Pen sends signal to receiving device
- Wired / Wireless
- Battery type
- High resolution
- Reacts according to pressure
- Competitive production cost
- Receiving part is located behind the screen,
does not influence Display quality

Items Touch Panel Tablet
Technology Resistive Electromagnetic
Input device Any material Special Pen
Product Life Short Long
Motivation Touch Touch thru Pen
Resolution Low High
Transmission Low rate High rate
Input Sensivity X O


| LCD Tablet Monitor Models

22" Wide tablet Monotor

19"20" Wide tablet Monotor


Product LCD Tablet Monitor 4:3 LCD Tablet Monitor 16:9(WIDE)
Screen Size 43.2cm(17" 4:3) 47cm(19" wide) 48.5cm(19" wide) 51cm(20" wide) 55.8cm(22" wide)
Active Area(mm) 337.9(H) X 270.3(V) 409.8(H) X 230.4(V) 408.24(H) X 255.15(V) 408(H) X 306(V) 473.76(H) X 296.1(V)
Resolution 1,280 X 1,024 1,366 X 768 1,440 X 900 1,680 X 1,050 1,680 X 1,050
Max.Brightness 280cd/m² 300cd/m²
Contrast 1,000:1
Viewing Angle 160° (Top/Bottom/Left/Right)
Recognition Height 8mm
Default S/W Lecture Tool and Application Software (Driver. EduPlus and Edupen)
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