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Edu S/W

Effectively used at presentation for education and conference utilizing tablet monitor or electronic
whiteboard in various educational institutions or companies, private academy, government and public offices
It is a software essentially used for making contents for distance learning for the purpose of e-learning.

Edu S/W constitution
Edu Plus constitution

Edu S/W Feature

Edu S/W Feature

Edu S/W Feature

Pen, Figure, Eraser, Slide control, Video recording, Video convert, memo, Zoom in, screen capture,
web camera control, user interface convert, frequent use screen support, etc. - lecture and presentation
function is facilitated by providing user oriented interface. Bottom screen writing function is supported
which enhances easy usage.

  • Document auto convert : Function to convert into various documents such as PPT, Excel, Word, helps easy lecture
  • Brush pen's angle is adjustable
  • makes better writing touch than real brush pen
  • Saving either in screen or video mode recording is possible.
  • At screen mode, save file size is small, writing contents is more focused
  • Writing and video quality are very excellent (better than AVI)
  • Lecture material can be loaded through different mode
  • Writing is possible on video file (TV, VTR, Camcorder)
  • At scroll feature, writing is possible on space out of screen
  • While lecture mode, icon click can directly connect to internet
  • After tablet writing lecture,FTP connection lets upload on school homepage
  • Just one click zooma in on a wanted spot
  • Easy choice of pen or color

Edu S/W Products

EduPlus V.5.0
EduPlus V.5.0
EduPlus V.5.0
EduPlus V.5.0 Korean
Edu Board
Edu Board
Edu Pen
Edu Pen